Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 319, 4th of July

I didn't think this poem out but I don't like violence. Just like I don't like hunting and killing. I just like freedom and steak :) I'm so grateful to the people who do the things I find unsavory. Unfortunately they are sometimes necessary, at least until I take over the world! Bwahhahhaa!!!
Thank you to all the people dear to me and elsewhere that have and do serve our country, I stand in awe of you today!

White Space

I like the white
The empty space
the birth and death
of things

what if that
is all we wore
no red
no blue
just blank slates

how long before
we'd miss the war
the saturation
the ambiance
of valor

I like the white
the empty space
a utopic corridor
the perfect emptiness
before red and blue
 and war.

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