Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 328, grandmas house

Last nights electrical outage had me going to bed in quiet, absolute quiet.

A cool nubby cloth
Would touch my eyes first thing
I would stretch
Languorous beneath
Worn sheets fuzzy like peach skins
The weight of a crocheted
Blanket heavy on my scrawny legs
The damp cotton rag gently
Continuously sweeping over sleepy lids

Someone would flip on the tv
I'd step into the little
Restroom right next to it
hear the Yabba Dabba Do
Of Fred Flinstone

I'd come out dressed, sit and wait to
Be brought a small crystal glass
Morning in a cup, orange
Pulpy and fresh squeezed

There would be oatmeal
Bacon and toast
Coffee with cream
Fresh fruit, Jelly stains
Muffins all around a sharp cornered
Table made for four
And that was just for starters

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