Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 218, he is THREE!!!

He is ever so three
And ever so mine
For this little, tiny
Slice of time

The first, the second
Flew right by, he speaks
He cowboys up, he specifies
He can throw a fit
To beat all fits
Then lay his head down
On my chest, rub my face
And say, "I need you mama"
He is all of my heart
And only one part

I'll kiss his cheek
And tell him happy day
I'll try and capture that
As a forever memory
Fruit snack breath
Long light brown lashes
That diffuse the twinkly blue
Cheeks so cherub round
Your lips don't want to leave
And little white teeth
Framed by lips so puffy they lack shape

I'll do that and shed a tear
But he'll still be three
Ever so three
And ever so mine
For this tiny, little
Slice of time.

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