Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 216, where did Shiloh go?

I tried to console and comfort someone who loved a little boy that drowned this weekend and I realized there weren't real words, no platitudes would do, she was hurting. She was missing the home of the thing that left. A soul moves on, lives on but the place we spend our time loving it changes when someone dies and nothing replaces that. I was reading 1 Samuel 6 when the Philistines take the ark of the covenant (the very presence of God) away from Shiloh and Israel all together. Israel grieved it's loss and eventually the Philistines brought the ark back to Israel but somewhere along the way Shiloh is never mentioned again, it was destroyed and the ark never rested there again...


You disappeared like Shiloh
a center point, a gathering
was your tiny soul, a tabernacle
for our joy and hope
but a Philistine fate has
robbed our hearts
walked away with our mercy
bobbing up and down in rhythm
to their march, a vanishing point
so the sun sets and grief rises
a keening erupts from our throats

this ark, this covenant is without
it's home, it's presence a frightful
thing indeed. For an ark without it's
tabernacle feels godless and empty
and a heart without it's joy the same
and in the travels of this Holy thing
a nation soon repents, a covenant is
restored but Shiloh, Oh Shiloh!
Where did you go?

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