Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 203, what's CR to me?

Celebrate Recovery is like walking up the high dive. I didn't know, I didn't understand a couple of years ago... I had no clue. There's this roomful of honest and brave people, scared, unsure, hurt but their smiles... My promise to myself has been not to labor my words and bore you with my every thought but put it to poetry. I'd rather write it but here it goes...

Celebrate Recovery

It's a room full of weakness
a shrinking of self
a scooting over to make room
deflated of their own power
they radiate hope, they raise
their hands and they know
they need Him, they get it
this needing, this hoping
this trusting. You see they
don't lie in the pseudo-security
of checking off the chore chart,
of little shiny stars persuading
our to-do-list hearts of our own

It's in this room, in their
presence that self righteousness
suffocates, it's spark simply
deprived of the arrogant breeze
it needs to thrive. There is no hope
in our own strength, no star shiny
enough to brighten the darkest
spaces in my heart, only a Lord
a bright shining daylight God
ready to illuminate.

I watch them praise, laugh nervously,
repeat the guidelines. I watch them rely
and admit and release. They have no idea
how this honesty bruises my prideful heart
how wonderful that feels each and every time
I leave that blue room full of His light. They
scooted over for an hour or two, they left room
for Him and He sits and dines each Monday
night and they teach me, oh Lord they teach me!

And a thousand quiet praises later I still
stand in awe of these, the brave and honest
souls who dare to doubt themselves
in a world that preaches self confidence,
self reliance, a world running on "double As"
a battery powered hope. Not in in this room,
NO, it's a solar powered operation altogether
my city on the hilltop, a well lit horizon for my soul.

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