Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 195, take 2!

So I tried this one again since I got cut off yesterday... I still don't know about it but it's always nice to take a second look and touch one up.

The rumpled silk river
drifts hushedly below the bridge
acquiescing to the edges of earth
that define it, deceptively compliant
A milky silver and bronze complexion
dancing, a divine sort of intoxicant
It's top waters are steady hands
But underneath is all turmoil
a rushing, moving flurry of
push and shove
The river wags its fingers
saying, come along, come along
and you begin to imagine
the way the water feels next to your skin
hear the indulgent splash of your body sinking in
never realizing just how deeply
you'll have to dive to swim
it's currents, nothing but an undertow
of hidden bitterness
your dreams its flotsam
An enchantress of silky deception
the silver sheen of lust her siren call

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