Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 208, a woman can!

Had to go there today while reading Judges and the story of eborah and Jael. No offense to men at all. Love them, couldn't live without mine! I need him and glad I have him, just saying that a woman can do the same hard things with the right motivation...

I am neither feminist
or humanist but wholly
satisfied to be female
comletely at ease
with my task
A woman is a warrior
who needs no battle
training, only the proper
cause to defend. No one
has to teach her to protect
or defend the things she loves.
She will fight and fight well.
So I find myself irritated
by the pondering,
"Could a woman make a tough call?"
"Could she orchestrate a war, could
she leave out her emotions?"
She should never leave out her emotions!
only be sure she loves the things she
swears to as much as she swears to.
Then she will be as strong as any man
perhaps a little more so for love is a
mighty muscle and a woman knows this
better than a man.

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