Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 264, as honest as I will be

Words are tools
used to express
and emote that which we want
others to know. "I love you."
not, I wish you loved me too...

"You're beautiful." We don't say
I wish someone thought I was beautiful.

We turn it all around.

"Thank you."
I'm so tired, I wish I did not need the help

"Your welcome."
Why do you need so much help?

The real things and the true things
are particles floating in the air
between the words that muffle
the sound of their impact.

"He wants you to be His."
You need Him badly.

"Just trust Him."
quit doubting!

"I am praying for you."
I've no other way to help
no other thing to offer
I hope He answers prayers

"I believe in Him."
I've no other place to go.
Nothing else makes sense.

"Jesus loves you."
You are loved, I feel that love for you
sometimes, so He must love you,
that has to be the source of my affection.

"I know they are in heaven."
There isn't another way. I won't accept
another way, I long for heaven and where did
that longing, that love come from?
If he didn't cause me to love why can't dead be dead?
Death must be conquered or I can not live.

The true things and the real things
more like dust fallen softly on a windows ledge
than a weighty fact. Rub your finger on it
see if it lifts off, see if it falls again.
Look between the pillars we call words
find the truth intended, seek the verity of their meaning
do not consume the dialogue but the
things that it's revealing.

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