Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 257, sitting and thinking

Some days I sit down and want to check of my to-do-list. I go to write and have no clue what I am going to say...Today is a day like that. I think about what is going on with me, the world around me and my children... I look for inspiration. 9 times out of 10 the things that pop into my head are the things that aggrivate me, not good things to write a poem about. I don't like negativity but I kind of want to vent so here goes...


random, pointless phonecalls
from random, and pointless solicitors
more junk mail than actual mail
children who smile while they disobey
dishonesty in any form unless
your complementing me
beggars can't be choosers
journalism that is not journalistic
politically driven facebook post
no matter how hard I've tried over
ten years, stub my toe, I curse...
thoughtless words. from.
my own mouth...
Sid the Science Kid, Barney and Mickey Mouse
they make me growl and snarl but I leave them
on because my kid is quiet
my fingernalis, paint that won't wash out of my hair
let's be honest, chain mail and "post this if you love Jesus"
stuff. more toys than places to put them,
more clothes than hangars to hang them and still
nothing. to. wear?
anything on my body that doesn't work or
look like it did when it was twenty
asking for help, needing help
migraines and soupy weather
there. done. peace and love, ya'll.

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