Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 261, confirmation

The Making of a King

Samuel raised his hand
ceremonially dripping golden oil

on top of hair dusted by sunlight
there were shivers and certainty
the anointing of a king
and then he returned to the pasture
his young muscles acting like taught rubberbands
his brave heart a warrior in the making
when all was quiet, when the smoke of the fire
began to lull the sun to sleep
he would compose his thanks into song
when no one was looking he would sing
loud praises to a God who called him king
he owned nothing but a shepards crook,
a slingshot and a promise so sacred, so frightening
he didn't dare believe it, he didn't dare imagine
but the songs in his heart lulled and comforted a
leader, calmed the wicked rising from his soul
thus began his rising and falling
the ups and downs of promise unrealized
years would pass, he became a man
valor, honor, dignity, strength his armor
the word of the Lord his God his armor bearer

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