Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 250, the challenge of ease


Easy ain't easy, I'm just saying...
easy is an art, the mastery
of taking difficult things then
presenting them in a way that
makes someone go, "oohh,
that looks so easy!" It ain't
easy like Sunday morning,
over easy eggs are frigging hard
and the phrase "easy-peasy" well
that just means I botched the whole
thing but I really don't care. An easy
delivery, just means it didn't kill you
 and you might do it again
an easy move, same thing...
an easy marriage, hah!
the easy way out, that never works.
it's like this poem, I find poetry
well, not to contradict, but easy
and this one was "easy-peasy"
for sure, baby! Take it easy now :)

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