Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 228, Zip it

Don't worry, I'm over my bad mood but I had one yesterday, sure did, and today I am going to take care of myself, treat myself to something calming. I've got the privelage of a husband who considers it his honor to be with our boys and that is indeed my good fortune today! I mistreat that poor man but he tolerates me well. Love you Sean.
Hush Your Mouth

Dude with the positive attitude
"Zip it!" yeah,
you heard me. I am not in
that kind of mood, I am cranky
and tired and not optimistic
"Get it?" hush with your plattitudes
and riddle me this, "What's wrong
with a good bad mood every now and again?"
Nobody said you had to stay, matter of
fact bad moods are designed for solitude
and I'd like some, "Now!" It's not

personal and I'm not the devil's spawn
I'm just tired and irratable and need to vent
and then veg and then, sweetheart, your
Frankenstein bride will be gone. Swear.

I love you, too. :)

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