Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 236, the twinkle is gone

You see it in your kids as they get to a certain age, that twinkle you adore, fading, being overwhelmed by everything surrounding them. Then like lightening, like the dawn, it is back and you find yourself worrying, for how long... for how long. Oh, to keep them younger longer!!! This isn't a sad thing, just a fact of growing up and that constant battle as a parent to encourage that exact process while at the same time preserving a taste of the old innocence.

The Fickle Flicker

His eyes twinkled
loud and lovely
they sang of trust
whole love and wonder
but then begins
the sleepwalking march
of pride, insecurity
self awareness
abstract thought
all of it becomes an
electrical storm
and you see it
eyes twinkling, bright
glittered with trust
darken like a power surge

fickle flickers
on and off
dim and bright
dim and bright
I do not want the
simplicity of faith,
his child like wonder
to cease but how to
generate, connect
supply a current
that is so ever

in my own soul.

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