Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 239, bridezilla

To Erika, you will be a lovely bride! Welcome to the world of contradiction:) Weddings are trainings for real life. I'm not a romantic.We fall in love with ideals but marriage is a commitment to stick with reality. Bear with one another. Weddings are prep work, starter fluid for the real flame, not the romantic, sparkler kind but the one with old newspaper wafting around in it. Messy but warm. Hard to control but sustaining. No lambs allowed :)

Lion and Lamb

Out walks the tigress cub
first straying from her den
she has all the fierceness of a kitten
all the tenderness of a predator
in training. She spies a valley
a tender young ewe lamb
and admires it's gentleness
the meek little puff of helplessness
so calm and unassuming
it makes our little feline's claws
vibrate and hum with appreciation
and appetite. For she is hungry
Her purr is steady, satiated, happy
to observe, for now. There will
always be a piece of her that
wants to be like the lamb
there will always be a piece of her
that wants to devour that lamb
and on realizing her first moral dilemma
she learns what stalking is
what it's like to pursue that which we crave
to devour what delights us.
Predator and prey.
Bride and wife.

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