Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 191. the golden drink

Was reading the Bible, seems the Irsraelites made an idol and to rectify the situation Moses grinds the golden calf into dust, pours the dust in a brook and makes them drink. Their own version of Gold Schlagger I suppose, complete with regret and humble pie.

The Golden Drink

It's an amber dust that floats
so serene, majestic, lavishly
atop the silvered stream
a gypsy dance that taunts,
agitates the lust of those
thirsty for a golden confidence
a face to look at.

Instead they dip their bronze
vessels slowly in, with long faces
the metallic blur of gold and silver
swallowed in, distributed
ingested, a heavy weight
to hold, this idolotry
a belly full of gilded sin the
cost of their redemption

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