Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 188, blue, blue skies

It's PIRTY outside today, real pirty. So pirty I'm about to try to go running {cough, choke, wheeze} I can't help it. I'll go to the doctor later this afternoon though, no worries :)
Blue Skies
Blue, blue skies{let me interupt with the story of a little boy potty training, he loves his big boy underwear, carries it around the house... but when I just explained that to wear them he has to stay dry he said, "uh-uh, change my diaper, I wear diaper". That's what goes on in the middle of trying to write these poems... Mya Angelou surely did not have to endure this :) Now, back to blue skies thanks to Disney! }
This sunshine bathed day
washed in the pearly glow
of springtime hope
distills any fear of sudden dark
It's the way the warm
flurries of heat

swimming in the wind, splashing
on my skin, saturate my soul.
It's the way the brittle leaves of winter
edge themeselves in green
tenderly applauding the consistency
of mercy, a gentle praise
arising from the soft wrinkled
sound of branch and leaf
swaying, floating in the stream
of willy nilly mirth the brilliant day
breathes forth. 

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