Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 184, a fresh start

Surge, the word came to me while jogging the other day. I'm not made to run, I'm the worst runner there is. I walk quicker than I run! But I learned something from a friend. Pushing yourself is good, hurting can be good, it's growth. So when I found myself in less than ideal circumstances and the desire and need to get active I took my friend's advice, I started running.  I'm doing just a bit more in several places in my life. In that surge of energy and effort I have learned so much about myself, still am.  Still can't run longer than 4 minutes at a time but I am running 14 minutes out of twenty and that is a HUGE deal for this girl on her short little legs, it's something a little better a little more than before.


It's the surge of extra
effort that sends me bursting forth
a sand laden surfer at ease
with the break in the waves
the ebb and flow, the up and down
paddling, paddling, paddling
to get to the to the rising swell
of promise.
I surge because I must. It is
the only way to move forward
life will never push you forward
life is the ocean, it brings
you out to sea, consumes you.
I want to surf and surge,
ride the waves, swallow the foam
of failure and get back on the board
hang ten and collapse on the sand
safely exhausted.

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