Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 174, sometimes you got to speed up the slow poem

... today is apothecary and verisimilitude? I had to double check that one. I did know what it meant but it is no adjective and that kind of sucks, poetically speaking :) Thank you Susan and Jeff for your contribution! :)

The day was inundated with triviality
it left me feeling futile, overwhelmed
the to-do-list a zealous kudzu vine
its roots strangling joy from my hours
I'm a discombobulated disaster
Like Punxatawney Phil yanked from his hole
just to fulfill irrelevant lore
but then there is his smile
an instant epesiotomy on a too tight heart
a small infant joy given breath

He is my apothecary, slow moving
and gentle he doles out his liquid kindness,
his gentle warmth and I am healed.
The wicked day pales and I can see
 the verisimilitude of this moment.
The easy truth of tenderness.

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