Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 113, The Grinch Didn't Steal Christmas

Practicality did. I'm a little Grinchy about Christmas, I will admit it. I like the carols and the gifts but all the stress?! nope. It makes me want to not participate. It makes me want to tell Jesus Happy Birthday with a belated e-card. Problem is I married Clark Griswald. He finds nothing too much trouble to make Christmas special. I'm learning that maybe it's worth it sometimes even if my practical thinking fights it at first.

The Practicality of Christmas

The Grinch's middle name was practical.
Practical thinking produces practical things,
and Christmas isn't practical.
There is nothing practical about it.
Santa is not practical.
Virgin births are not practical.
Gifts in general, are not practical and
if they are, they are not well received.
Eggnog, not practical.
Gingerbread houses.
Lights on a tree.
Lights on a house.
Not practical.
After all of it is over you are not
practically worn out, you are totally done,
and sad that it's gone.
Practically mourning the loss of the very
thing your practical brain bemoaned.

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