Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 120, Ho-Ho

Ho-Ho. it's a jolly shame
all your adoration
all your fame
You give and give
slave away
boss thousands of elves
ride a chilly sleigh
work a whole year
in a single day
You seem a figment
of our imagintations
and yet, you are everywhere
all over God's creation.
The kids either worship you,
revere you and smile
or scream like banchees
the second they spy you.

You don't get wrapped up
in Hollywood fame,
don't own your own network
or star in a reality show
but dang if I know who you
got for retail, Martha Stewart herself
pales when compared.

You bring it dude! You make those
kids listen. You have the staying power
of Elvis I bet you. But here is my question
my day in and out doubt...
When I leave you the cookies
why must you leave me the pounds?!

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