Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where fore art thou fall?

Summer has become possessive and pimp like Unkind, abusive, never really gone There is no amount of coolness that will get rid of him All my pride, dignity, goodness have been worn down by his scorching hold I'm like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman Waiting on my Richard Gere, and it's you Fall. Where are you? Because My feet are tired of This Sunset Boulevard, this day in and day out hot. Breeze through like you do Drive up in your fancy colored leaves Stop for me so I can smell your smokey cologne. Cover me up and make me a respectable woman. You might be the third season for me But your the truest one, the kindest one The only one I'll kiss on the lips, all any other Season does is take something from me You, Fall, give and give. That's what makes me fall for you every time.

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