Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 349, 15 days left!!!

Be on the lookout, I'm going to be talking about a new, exciting, collaborative project coming in the fall. I can't wait. I'm all "poetried" out :) I'm also finally on a real computer today, thus the font formatting and image. As I type I still have no clue what to write about today. I'm happy and have the day off, girls night in a couple of hours with some good friends. Hard to feel angst or inspiration...

Once a ________ always a ________.

Who will you be when
you finish being no one?

You are you, you are Eustice.
scraping scales, you cry because
you can't stand the weight of your skin.

It takes a faith, a naked and raw certainty
that the you are not no one
that there is nothing
separating you from the salve and
ease of fresh skin. Claw all you want.

It will do no good. 

You are always you but you have
never been you.

It's the gentleness
of a lion's breath, the willingness to
face his wrath and mercy.

A simultaneous death and birth.

Where Never's voice is silenced
by the crashing, undulating always of infinity.

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